Product Description
The Custom Control Systems DC-5500 is an easy-to-program, user-friendly digital control designed for use with a variety of industrial dryers. The DC-5500 provides total integration into a dryer, as it controls the basket motors, automatic doors, tilting functions; and directs the blower motors and flame controls. Versatility is an invaluable feature of the DC-5500, as it can be used with variable-frequency basket drive systems, proportional valve flame controls, ambient and outlet humidity sensors, inlet, outlet, and ambient temperature sensors, and one-way and two-way tilting dryers.

Sensitive, Economic System
The standard DC-5500 includes an outlet temperature sensor. In this configuration, the DC-5500 will maintain a programmed outlet temperature for a pre-set time during the drying cycle. During cooldown, the DC-5500 will either cool the goods to a set temperature, cool them for a predetermined time, or both.
When configured with the optional inlet temperature sensor, the DC-5500 will also maintain the inlet air temperature to prevent damaging fragile and heat-sensitive fabrics. When equipped with ambient and outlet humidity sensors, the DC-5500 will monitor the moisture actually removed from the goods in the machine, to prevent over- or under-drying and reduce drying cycle time.

Reliable, Tested Hardware
The hardware options include essential components such as nonvolatile memory, real-time clock and calendar, analog input channels, timers, counters and optically-isolated DC I/O lines. An RS-485 communications port is provided to facilitate remote programming and data collection between controls or a personal computer. The display and control panel consists of a 31-key membrane panel, 2 - 40 character alphanumeric vacuum fluorescent displays, and 40 (28 custom-labeled) LED indicators that continuously indicate the status of inputs and outputs. The DC-5500 is designed to work with the IO-5500 Input/Output module.

All products manufactured by Custom Control Systems Inc. are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for two years from date of purchase. If a defect occurs, the product will be repaired free of charge during the warranty period. Full details outlined in product manual.

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