WashComm Revision History

Version 2.33 - Released 5/6/2004

  • Now supports "ozone" version of Edro washer/extractor control.

Version 2.32 - Released 3/29/2004

  • Resolved problems with downloading/uploading from Ellis Dryer Controls when not using a USB-232 converter.
  • Ellis Washer and Ellis Dryer controls now have unit IDs set to 1 when created
  • Reordered and updated the options list for the PC-5500 control, so it now matches the terminology used in the control.

Version 2.31 - Released 3/22/2004

  • Fixed problems with WashComm cable verification when cable used with USB-RS232 converter.
  • Fixed problems with downloading formulas and settings to Ellis dryer control that caused the download to fail even though data was being sent successfully.
  • Separated Options and Machine Configuration in DC-5500.
  • Corrected Option and Machine Configuration names in DC-5500.
  • Added new settings to DC-5500 IO Assignment and option lists.
  • Fixed problem with DC-5500 that caused blank formulas with incorrect checksums to be downloaded to the DC-5500.
  • WashComm now provides unlimited levels of "Undo".
  • WashComm now correctly cleans up temporary files created while running.

Version 2.30 - Released 3/10/2004

  • Removed unnecessary time delay from communication code for Ellis Washer and Ellis Dryer controls.
  • WashComm registration information can now be stored for all users, instead of just one, as long as user entering the registration information has Administrator priviliges.
  • All DAO code has been replaced by ADO code.

Version 2.29 - Released 2/11/2004

  • Added "Low Fire" to formula editor for DC-5500.
  • Added ability to query WashComm cable version.

Version 2.28 - Released 11/26/2003

  • Added "Flame Control Error" to Ellis Dryer IO Assignment List
  • Changed option names and order of display for Ellis Dryer to match control
  • WashComm document is now marked as "modified" when someone uploads from a control.

Version 2.27 - Released 11/20/2003

  • Changed option list in Ellis Washer to match control.
  • Fixed major problem with "Delete Formula" for DC-5750, DC-5500 and PC-5500 that caused memory problems.

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