Product Description
The PC-5700 gives you all the conveniences and advantages of PC-5500, plus the speed and reliability of Ethernet communication. It combines cutting-edge technology with ease of use and low maintenance. This compact, easily-programmed, microcomputer-based industrial control is capable of communications, data logging and user-programmable process control. The PC-5700 is designed to be easily expandable and accommodates a wide variety of Input/Output (I/O) requirements.

Reliable Hardware
The hardware options include essential components such as nonvolatile memory, real-time clock and calendar, analog input channels, timers, counters, optically-isolated DC I/O lines. An Ethernet communications port and andRS-485 communications port are provided to facilitate remote programming and data collection between controls or from a Personal Computer. The display and control panel consists of a 31-key membrane panel, 2 - 40 character alphanumeric vacuum fluorescent displays, and 28 LED indicators that can be custom labeled with text to continuously indicate the status of inputs and outputs. The PC-5700 is designed to work with the IO-2500 and IO-5500 Input/Output modules.

Ethernet Capability
When used in combination with our personal computer based software, PC-5700 can receive formulas and configuration from an office computer through WashComm, and send information to the computer for data collection and reporting purposes in our Report Center software. This is all done through utilization of 10 megabit per second Ethernet connection.

Flexible Software
The PC-5700 Software is designed to be modular and consists of a library of functions that were developed in a combination of C and Assembly Language. As new features and needs are identified, additional drivers can beadded to this library. Specific applications can be constructed by Custom Control Systems from this library to meet various control needs. The resultant code is compiled and placed into an EPROM on the processor board. The PC-5700 is specifically designed to control industrial washing machines, however the PC-5700 can be modified for use with many different types of industrial machines.

A System In Control
In order to insure that the PC-5700 executes formulas exactly as they were programmed, a check sum error detection scheme is used to check the integrity of nonvolatile memory. If an error is detected all operations stop and an error alarm is sounded and displayed.

All products manufactured by Custom Control Systems Inc. are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for two years from date of purchase. If a defect occurs, the product will be repaired free of charge during the warranty period. Full details outlined in product manual.

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