Formula editing
Quick, convenient and as easy as a click on outputs you want to program. Pick a step name from the list or addyour own, add a chemical injection, select a temperature and level and simply click “OK.” The WashCommsystem also allows you to copy and paste steps between formulas or between washers.

Instead of the repetitive, time-consuming process of entering the same sequence of wash steps over and over: Rinse Drain Rinse Drain ... WashComm allows you to create up to 10 AutoPrograms. Save your sequence of steps (Rinse Drain Rinse Drain ...) and instantly insert it into a formula.

Click the printer button on the toolbar to create a printout of formula and configuration information.

Find and Replace
Changing 10-inch water levels to 12-inch water levels is a simple task with WashComm. You can also replacewater temperatures easily.

From your computer, you will be able to perform control configuration: I/O assignments, option settings,supply I/O and calibration settings, and multi-relay assignments. If configuration settings are changed, simply re-download to return to your original settings.

On-Line Help
WashComm’s help file guides you through some of WashComm’s basic features.

System Requirements
WashComm requires a 486 or newer computer that runs Windows 95, 98 or NT. A mouse, trackball or trackpad is recommended. Printers can be Windows-compatible laser, inkjet or dot-matrix.

PDF format (352k)

PDF format (221k)

Software Downloads
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